Front End Developer based in San Diego, California 🌞

I build websites for tech startups and help founders get the product they need. Minimalism and efficiency are the two words that best describe my work. Less is more. Quality over quantity.

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Things I've made

A web app designed to reproduce day-to-day office life. Working alongside a designer that provided us with Figma designs and fellow developers, I developed a number of advanced front-end features and provided support to its users over a period of 6 months.
Our product development agency website. We hired a team of designers and I helped bring the website to life. We'll be selecting our next projects soon, so check it out if you are a founder or have an idea you'd like to develop!
Billy Bultheel
A website for an independent artist. I redesigned the website, included a content management system to allow the owner to post videos and images to keep his audience updated, and added a "subscribe" functionality to the website.

Technonogies I like to use

JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Gatsby, NextJS, Redux, React Native, Expo, Node.js, Cypress, HTML/CSS, Git, jQuery, Firebase/Firestore, Bootstrap, Tailwind, Webflow, MacOS, iOS

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